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Hand to Hand Duo Acrobazia

Strength Balancing Duo - Corporate Entertainers

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Hand to Hand Duo Acrobazia: Strength Balancing Duo - Corporate Entertainers

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Acrobazia is Christian Paquet and Jean-François Martel, together they created Acrobazia in 1991.  In the first four years, Acrobazia was performing an acrobatic/comedy act in the streets of Quebec City. Their show was fun, amazing and had a lot of success with the crowd of their home town.

Among other things, they were guest stars in MYSTERE from Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, performed at the India Film Awards, in Bombay, were part of the XXXIV Super Bowl, invited three times at the Grandstand Show of the Calgary Stampede and astounded thousands of fans at NBA half time shows.

Acrobazia is an unbelievable physical performance, staged to an original music score, that defies the laws of human possibility.  The duo, composed of former gymnasts Christian Paquet and Jean-François Martel, has created an act of pure strength and balance that is known to be the #1  act of his kind in America.  This isn't just a circus act.  This is THE act you want for your event, whatever the event.  

Your audience demands the best entertainment.  Give them the best. 
Give them A C R O B A Z I A.
Internationally acclaimed, the duo travels everywhere for events like:
  • Galas, Award Ceremonies
  • Corporate Dinners or Meetings
  • Fund Raisers, Private Parties
  • Conventions, Trade Shows
And any other type of events !

Whether you simply want the best entertainment or look for originality in your event, Acrobazia is a guaranteed success.


Your business is about power, teamwork, performance, strength, trust, achievement, motivation...  Acrobazia  represents all of these.

We put your words into living images. Add impact to your business presentation with the act of Acrobazia and get the full attention of your audience to inspire them
to reach their goals!
"People still talk about it at the office."

"We couldn’t have found a better way to represent the STRENGTH of our company."
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