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Wayne Lee

Mental Side of Peak Performance

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Wayne Lee: Mental Side of Peak Performance

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Empowerment speaker, author and hypnotist Wayne Lee, is an expert on the power of the mind. As a five-time Canadian amateur wrestling champion, Wayne knows that mental focus is essential in achieving success.

After a neck injury prevented Wayne from pursuing his athletic dreams, he changed his focus and obtained his education degree from the University of Alberta. Although Wayne enjoyed teaching junior high school classes, his continued interest in visualization and mind power led him to the art of stage hypnosis. In 1994, Wayne performed his first hypnosis show in front of a sold-out crowd and was immediately hooked. Soon after, he decided to leave the classroom to pursue a career as an entertainer and spread his message that “laughter is the best medicine”.

After performing for more than 2,500 audiences across North America and hypnotizing more than 20,000 people, Wayne developed his Life is MagicTM philosophy revealing that people have a deep inner MAGIC that allows them to create the life they truly want. A deep desire to educate people led Wayne to develop his empowerment keynotes, workshops and seminars. Today, he continues to entertain and educate thousands of audiences with his comedic hypnosis show and dynamic empowerment presentations. Wayne’s passion for his career is evident the moment he takes the stage. Every presentation is unforgettable, filled with non-stop laughter and inspiration which allows people to explore the depths of their imaginations, break through their fears and live on purpose with more joy, freedom and love.

Over the years, Wayne has preformed for many national and international clients, including McDonald’s Restaurants, General Motors, Princess Cruise Lines, Peak Potentials with T. Harv Eker, Meeting Professionals International and IBM Canada. Wayne has also appeared on several national television and radio programs.
Wayne has also developed several inspirational and motivational products to help people transform their lives. These products include his Life is Magic self-hypnosis CD collection, his Secrets of Success for Magicians and Stage Hypnotists marketing manual, his Life’s Magical Meanings inspirational gift book and posters, and his documentary The Deeper You Go, which won a Best Director Award at the Golden Gate Fiction & Documentary Festival in San Francisco, California. The Deeper You Go will be aired on The Documentary Channel in Canada until January 2007.
Live the Laughter – A Comedic Hypnosis Show……
Guarantee the Success of Your Next Corporate Event with
Top Corporate Speaker and Entertainer, Wayne Lee
What does it mean to Live the Laughter? With Wayne lee it means a highly interactive hypnosis show as unique as it is hilarious. It means gut-splitting laughter and improbable scenes acted out by audience members no longer inhibited by their fears.

Wayne invites members of your organization to explore their creativity, engage their passion, and experience increased group synergy – all while having fun! With Wayne Lee’s corporate speaking events, you get to experience fun and laughter combined with deep insight into your own creative potential, as you explore the power of your imagination and subconscious mind. Wayne helps individuals and groups get our of their comfort zone and truly become the performer they are meant to be. In this highly energizing and exciting show the audience can either see the show or be the show.
Wayne Lee, one of North America’s top Corporate Speakers and Entertainers, delivers premium entertainment value with a message of empowerment that stays with participants long after the laughter fades.
During Wayne’s Corporate Hypnosis shows, audiences:
  • Dance outrageously, act out their dreams, and even become celebrities!
  • Survive unforgettable, side-splitting laughter
  • Re-discover their deepest passions and how to tap into them
  • Break through their fears and inhibitions to experience new found confidence
  • Discover the power of the mind to focus on achieving their goals and reaching new levels
  • Learn visualization techniques that reduce stress and increase relaxation
  • Connect with their colleagues while feeling energized, inspired, and empowered    
When Wayne’s show is over, what will you have?
A room full of relaxed,  yet intellectually sharp and motivated people, ready to take on the world… and bring their best selves back to work!
Why hire Wayne?
  • Performance master – Entertainer of the Year for the Canadian Events Industry
  • Consummate professional – a veteran of more than 3,000 successful shows
  • Hilarious, yet tasteful presentations with a positive message
  • Creator of numerous success programs and books
  • Electrifying speaker, author, and hypnotist
Invite Wayne to speak and entertain at your next corporate event, and be prepared for an informative, inspiring, and entertaining journey like no other. Your audience will leave with a renewed sense of passion, purpose and personal empowerment – and they will thank you for years to come.

Set Your GPS for Success - Motivational Presentation
How to harness the power of your Great Programmable Subconscious  to Reduce Stress and Achieve Unlimited Success!

These days, if you want to get someplace fast, with no wrong turns, you just program your car’s GPS and follow the commands. You choose a destination, and take the best route to your goal. Your brain works the exact same way: Choose where you want to go, and your subconscious takes over from there. Trouble is, your subconscious is also a storage area for habits and beliefs that either keep you on track or throw you off course. If you don’t program it for success you will never reach your destination.

Wayne Lee, one of North America’s Top Motivational Speakers and Corporate Entertainers, helps you access and harness the power of your GPS (Great Programmable Subconscious) for peak performance at work and at home. Wayne’s premier motivational presentation opens the mind, melts away stress and negative interference, and reveals what’s possible when you program your GPS for success. Deeply engaging, always down-to-earth, Wayne Lee delivers life-changing content and an exhilarating, one-of-a kind experience.
You and your audience will learn how to:
  • Open your mind to the power of positive suggestions through laughter and hypnosis
  • Set and accomplish any business or personal goal using the power of your GPS
  • Eliminate the impact of self-doubt, fear, negativity – and the stress they produce
  • Apply a simple 3 step strategy for success
  • Be confident in all that you do and bring your best to the table, not just at work but at home as well    
When Wayne’s show is over, what will you have?
Audience members who are wildly fired up about what’s possible, PLUS They get tools and strategies to creatively program
their lives for success, THEN They return to work with newfound confidence, energy, and enthusiasm, NOW What will that do for your bottom line?
Why hire Wayne?
  • Peak Performance Expert and coach to professionals of all walks of life
  • Proven winner – Five-time Canadian Amateur wrestling champion (know what it takes to succeed)
  • Polished Professional – a veteran of more than 3,000 successful shows and presentations
  • Creator of numerous success programs and books
  • Electrifying speaker, author, and hypnotist. Entertainer of the Year for the Canadian Events Industry

Author, speaker and peak performance expert Wayne Lee has the power to fire up and guide individuals, teams, and audiences past the limits of what they think is possible. But what good is motivation without action? Wayne’s mind-probing presentations don’t just show the way to greatness, but also deliver the skills to convert new insights into instant action. Wayne is now known as The GPS Guy because his sole mission is to help people get from where they are to where they want to be. Wayne is the master of combining entertainment with a powerful message. Fix your mind on any goal, eliminate all stressors and distractions, and achieve it with gusto.

Combination Program:
For an unforgettable, one-two punch of empowerment and entertainment, combine Set Your GPS for Success with: Live the Laughter — A Comedic Hypnosis Show. The ultimate in corporate entertainment and motivation: Hilarious, tasteful and inspiring!
“Your presentation provided the much desired shared experience that helps to achieve the development of a strong team spirit and it did it in a way that was both safe and fun for all. It was quite evident that your professionalism and rapport with the audience is a critical success factor for your presentation and one at which you excel.”
Westcan Bulk Transport

“Wayne Lee’s presentation incorporates motivation, entertainment, humor, excitement and magic. This combination makes Wayne a unique speaker. I haven’t seen anything else quite like it.”
Government of Canada

“By blending motivation and entertainment together, you have truly caught the essence of what we all needed. Laughter truly is the best medicine! Everyone that attended and participated had a great time and will talk about the meetings for a long time to come.”

“Thank you for presenting at our conference. Your powerful presentation was fresh and positive, and kept the attention of all the varied personalities in our unit.”
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Association of Canadian Travel Agents
Canada Safeway Inc.
Canadian Energy Workers Association
Costco Wholesale Corporation
Exxon Mobil Corporation
General Motors Corporation
Husky Energy Inc.
IBM Canada Ltd.
Mac’s Convenience Stores Inc.
McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Ltd.