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Stress Speakers in Kelowna

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MCP Speakers will help you hire professional Stress speakers in Kelowna. If you are planning a corporate meeting, retreat, convention, annual general meeting, or special event, we will consult with you until your needs are fully met with an experienced Stress speaker in Kelowna. Check out our roster of Stress speakers and entertainers from across the country.

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The following are speaker profiles for Kelowna Stress speakers who could be the answer for your speaker needs.

Dr Mark Devolder

Dr. Mark Devolder

 - Helping People and Organizations Change Together 
An expert in the dynamics of organizational change, Mark DeVolder reveals why 70 percent of all change initiatives fail to achieve their stated goals. Most leaders focus the majority of their time on the numbers, but it is the people issues that often make or break a deal.  With straight-forward strategies and convincing business examples, Mark shows leaders how to improve the bottom line.  <more info>

Kelowna Stress speakers 

Linda Edgecombe

Linda Edgecombe

 - Work Life Balance expert
Linda Edgecombe is an internationally renowned 
motivational speaker, trainer and consultant. She is a best selling author who energizes every room as she leads people to loosen up, lighten the load and laugh. Her audiences are motivated and shown how they can shift their perspectives on life, work and themselves. Change has never been this painless! <more info>

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Terri Knox

Terri Knox

 - Balance Inside and Out
Terri Knox has been bringing inspirational keynotes and seminars to a wide variety of clients from every sector across North America.  A strong believer in positive reinforcement, Terri Knox power-packs her energetic and entertaining seminars complete with tools that will enhance your life personally and professionally.  Recognized as an international speaker, Terri Knox conveys her message through knowledge, skill and wisdom.  <more info>

Kelonwa Stress speakers 

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