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Author Dr Roberta Bondar books:
Roberta Bondar has authored numerous books, articles and essays touching on a wide variety of scientific and popular subjects. The following is a small sampling of her better-known published works.

Landscape of Dreams

Canada - Landscape of Dreams

An elegant love letter to Canada, combining the images of Roberta Bondar and text by some of the country's most distinguished artists, writers, entertainers, thinkers and personalities.

Passionate Vision

Passionate Vision: Discovering Canada's National Parks

Foreword by the Rt. Hon. Pierre Elliott Trudeau. More than 100 photographs, including six stunning images from space, both of familiar places and little-known wilderness, are interwoven with words about the land by explorers, poets, ecologists and naturalists such as Rachel Carson, Ansel Adams and Wade Davis.

The Arid Edge of Earth

The Arid Edge of Earth

In conjunction with major international exhibitions, Roberta's latest photographic essay uncovers the Arctic North, the shadows of the Grand Canyon, the burning sands of the Sahara, and many more extreme environments accompanied by her commentary on capturing the Earth.

Touching the Earth

Touching the Earth

Touching the Earth is an amazing visual and written testament to the beauty and variety of our planet. Dr. Bondar contrasts her two views of "home", with photographs from space and her early photography from its surface, accompanied by text of her journey and reflections on our environment.

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