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Bridges Of Trust: Making Accountability Authentic

Bridges Of Trust: Making Accountability Authentic

Trust, the most important issue facing the world today, lies at the foundation of every relationship. Trust is the keystone of success in work and in life. It crosses cultures and generations. Building and restoring trust is our number one challenge today.

Best selling authors and consultants, David Irvine and Jim Reger, contend that the bridge of trust is built on accountability: the ability to be counted on. In order to inspire trust, you have to be a trustworthy person. When the going gets tough, it is accountable people who are called on to get the job done.

To be all you can be, to reach your full potential, accountability has to be authentic. It has to be aligned with your values, your highest aspirations, and your passion. As you will learn in this book, authenticity takes accountability to a whole new level. Authenticity transforms our innate drive to contribute into the ability to make a difference.

This book will help you understand accountability and how to inspire and achieve it in your personal and professional life. By making accountability authentic, you build a culture of greatness where agreements are aligned with values, and fear, blame and entitlement are replaced with ownership, service and courage.

"I would recommend this book to anyone seeking to make a difference in the lives of those around them."
- Paul Finkbeiner, President, Great-West Life Realty Advisors

"The authors offer a fresh, inspirational and effective approach to the challenge of accountability, recognizing its importance as a foundation for great leadership."
- Robin Gerber, Author of The World’s Most Famous Doll and the Woman Who Created Her and Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way.

The Authentic Leader

The Authentic Leader - It's About Presence, Not Position

Great leadership cannot be reduced to technique or position or power. Great leadership comes from the strength of one’s authentic presence — the identity and integrity of the leader.

Drawing on the wisdom and experience of thirty-seven authentic leaders — from CEOs to community leaders to parents — The Authentic Leader gets to the heart of what it means to amplify your impact in the world by being more authentic.

If you are committed to evolving your soul and the souls of those you serve, this book will inspire and guide you to find and amplify your voice, while inspiring and guiding others to find theirs. In the process, you will discover meaning, significance, and deep satisfaction in your life.

"...the best way to learn leadership is to surround oneself with authentic leaders — and that is exactly what David Irvine and Jim Reger have done."
- Norman R. Augustine, Retired Chairman and CEO Lockheed Martin Corporation

"Take a journey toward your true self by accompanying others on their journeys. Their experiences will hearten and inform you."
- Geoff Bellman, Consultant and Author of Your Signature Path and Getting Things Done When You Are Not in Charge

"David Irvine and Jim Reger have greatly facilitated our understanding of how to empower and synergize our collective productivity with The Authentic Leader."
- Dr. Len Marrella, Founder and President, Center for Leadership and Ethics Author of In Search of Ethics: Conversations with Men and Women of Character

"This book brings to life the notion of 'authentic leadership.' It adds the magic sauce and thus the DNA."
- Sam Georges, CEO/President, Anthony Robbins Holdings

"This book is an excellent treatment of an important topic and leaders who want more influence and more joy in leading must read this book."
- John Izzo, Author of Awakening Corporate Soul and Second Innocence

Becoming Real: The Journey to Authenticity

Becoming Real: Journey To Authenticity

Best-selling author David Irvine takes us on a journey to authenticity in business and in life, and proposes a "roadmap to the real."

Challenging the conventional definitions of corporate success, Irvine claims that genuine, effective leadership does not come from position, but from presence – from the soul rather than the role. Irvine shares his personal quest for authenticity in lively anecdotes, and provides a compelling case for the benefits of shedding façade, pretence and the need for prestige.

Personal, provocative and practical, this book offers enduring wisdom for our image-obsessed times.

"To claim one’s truest path and to live it is the only journey worth living. David Irvine has lived such a life and clearly shows the way to authenticity.
This journey is a practical, heart warming, and inspiring guide to authentic living. It will help you remember who you are.
Wisdom only comes from fellow travelers and this one is a treasure. Irvine has lived the journey to authenticity and this book will help all of us claim our destiny."
- John Izzo, Author of The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die and Second Innocence


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