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Sales Speakers in Calgary

The following are speaker profiles for Calgary sales speakers who could be the answer for your speaker needs.


Tim Breithaupt

 - Author of 10 Steps to Sales Success - Learn about leadership, effective communication and closing skills
Tim Breithaupt's competitive edge is his innate ability to connect with his audiences. His delivery style is referred to as entertrainment - a lively blend of logic, simplicity and humour.   <more info>
Calgary sales speakers 

Kevin Burns

 - Author & Attitude Adjuster
Want to lower staff turnover, increase accountability, improve safety numbers and improve the morale and performance of your group of high-performing, overworked, undervalued and capable people.   <more info>

Calgary sales speakers 


Kit Grant

 - Expand Your Comfort Zone, Taking Personal Responsibility
When you want your people to build stronger relationships that directly produce improved bottom-line results with increased productivity and profits.  <more info>

Calgary sales speakers 


Cary Mullen

 - Expert on Corporate and Individual Responsibility - Win, Live, Give.
If you want to book a compelling speaker for your organization’s next event, look no further! Cary Mullen will energize your audience, inspire innovative thinking.   <more info>

Calgary sales speakers 


Michael Vickers

 - How To Outsell Your Competition
Michael Vickers inspires extreme success! Michael redefines the possible for sales professionals, leaders and managers - whatever the sales or business opportunity, Michael will enhance the odds.   <more info>

Calgary sales speakers 

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