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Alvin Law Equipment List

Audio/Visual Information

Sturdy, non-swiveling, backless stool of approximately 30 inches in height
Piano or electric keyboard and stool or bench
Concert snare drum and stand (Alvin brings sticks)
Stage or platform allowing optimum visibility
Pro-quality wireless lapel microphone and sound system.

It is important to Alvin that everyone is able to hear him clearly. Alvin has his own wireless microphone if you do not have one available. Alvin will be happy to bring his microphone if necessary. Please call if you are at all unsure.

Alvin Law’s equipment needs are a bit out of the ordinary. Because the program is largely based on the status quo perceptions in society, the visual nature involved is essential. The ideal setup is where the audience has an unrestricted view of the speaker. However, it is not necessary that he be on a stage or riser.

When not moving, Alvin uses a stool so he may use his feet as hands. Therefore, he needs a sturdy, backless, non-swiveling stool of about thirty inches in height. Now, the unusual part.

Alvin uses his musical abilities to demonstrate vital points and requires a piano or electronic keyboard and a professional quality snare drum and stand (he supplies his own sticks). They must also be visible. On occasion the piano doesn’t fit on the stage, so in that case, assure that it is accessible to the stage and as visible as possible. No special lighting is required but if available, may be utilized. Alvin likes to see his audience so if possible some houselights would be preferable. All of these requirements are designed to enhance the impact of the presentation and are in the client’s best interest. Alvin is very flexible and will be happy to discuss variables.

(Please confirm receipt of information and availability of equipment)

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