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Disabled Speakers

Disabled Speakers use their own life experiences to demonstrate how to avoid fears of failure and overcome challenges and barriers to motivate, inspire, lead, and improve performance in work and life. The following are speaker profiles for disabled speakers who could be the answer for your speaker needs. Please remember if you don't find the disabled speakers you are searching for please contact us at 800-693-6665 for assistance.


Abbott, Jim - Motivational Speaker & One-handed famed professional baseball pitcher
Jim Abbott was a famed one handed major league baseball player, who overcame a birth defect of only one hand became an amazing pro pitcher and ball player. Through stories, anecdotes, jokes, some self...


Adams, Jeff - Two-time Olympian, Four-time Paralympian
Jeff Adams is a two-time Olympian, four-time Paralympian, six-time World Champion and prior World Record holder in the 1500m men's wheelchair event. For the past eight years, Jeff Adams has spoken ...


Adamson, Kate - Paralyzed but not Powerless, stroke survivor
Against one-in-a-million odds, Kate Adamson overcame total paralysis from a devastating double brainstem stroke. Locked inside her body, she communicated by blinking. Kate could think. And she could b...


Bailey, Kevin - Motivational Speaker on Safety Awareness For Everyone
Kevin Bailey was working in October of 1986, when he became entangled in a rotating shaft. The results: traumatic amputation of his right leg and a series of surgeries to maintain function of his le...


Burrows, Scott - Bestselling Author, Survived A Horrendous Automobile Accident That Left Him A Quadriplegic
During the height of his collegiate career, his life changed dramatically. On November 3rd, 1984, he survived a horrendous automobile accident as a passenger in his friend’s car, suffering a ...


Ellis-Myers, Stuart - How does someone living with the rare neurological Tourettes Syndrome become a business mastery success and inspirational keynote speaker? By becoming Unstoppable.
What would you do if, out of the blue, your life turned upside down? What if you went from being a happy and healthy normal child, and then suddenly became an anxious, depressed, twitchy mess of devas...


Foppe, John - Author, Visionary born without arms
Born without arms, John Foppe understands firsthand the difficult gaps between envisioning an outcome and achieving it. He once led a miserable, dependent, and limited existence. At ten-years-old, for...


Hiebert, Carl - "The sky is not the limit... It's just the beginning"
The sky is not the limit... It's just the beginning. Carl Hiebert is an entrepreneur of life. Confined to a wheelchair since 1981, he astounded Canadians by flying his open-cockpit ultra light a...


Huston, Todd - "WORLD RECORD - Leg amputee. Only disabled person to break a world record in sports - fastest time
Todd Huston WORLD RECORD - Leg amputee. Only disabled person to break a world record in sports - fastest time climbing High Points in each state. Teaches your audience what it takes to get to the t...


Hymas, Chad - Transforming organizations in the areas of Teambuilding, Customer Service, & Mastering Change!
The Wall Street Journal hails Chad Hymas as one of the 10 most inspirational speakers in the world. At the age of 27, Chad Hymas' life changed instantaneously when an accident left him a quadriplegi...


Law, Alvin - Remarkable Motivational Speaker, Born Without Arms
Over 13,000 babies around the world were deformed in the early 1960's because of a morning sickness drug, Thalidomide. Alvin Law was born without arms after his birth mother, thinking it was completel...


MacDonald, Warren - Finding Opportunity in Adversity
In these challenging times, having a crisis management plan is essential to your survival. The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has made one thing perfectly clear: Preparation is key. As part of that pre...


MacFarlane, Craig - The World's Greatest Blind Athlete
Craig MacFarlane is known as a dynamic Inspirational speaker. His skills, charismatic personality and enthusiasm have brought audiences to their feet in 18 countries, Craig MacFarlane has logged over ...


Petitclerc, Chantal - Paralympic World Record Holder
Chantal was born on December 15, 1969 in Saint-Marc-des-Carrières in Quebec. At the age of thirteen, she lost the use of both legs in an accident. Gaston Jacques, a high school physical educati...


Rosen, Paul - Paralympic Gold Medalist
Paul Rosen has a lightning-fast glove, cat-quick reflexes and a calm presence in the crease. He has everything an NHL goaltender has… except… his right leg. Paul Rosen was a promising...


Schlappi, Mike - Gold Medalist, MBA, Author
Keynote speaker Mike Schlappi has an inspiring message for every American, young or old: “Just because you can’t stand up, doesn’t mean you can’t stand out.” As presid...


Waddell, Chris - First Paraplegic to Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro - USA Paralympian
Chris Waddell was a promising young skier at Middlebury College in 1988 when a skiing accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Determined to get back on the slopes, he began skiing on a mon...