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Bilingual Speakers

Bilingual Speakers offer their presentations in more than one language. Invited to speak by wide ranging companies, they are experts in their fields and their flexibility is a definite asset. The following are speaker profiles for Bilingual speakers who could be the answer for your speaker needs. Please remember if you don't find the Bilingual speakers you are searching for please contact us at 800-693-6665 for assistance.

Janice -Butler

Butler, Janice - Be energized, Enjoy what you do!
Like an inspiring breeze, Janice Butler, entertains and grabs the attention of her audience by her amazing storytelling ability that keeps them on the edge of their seat! Her enthusiasm is contagious...

Catriona-LeMay Doan

LeMay Doan, Catriona - First individual and only female to defend a Gold Medal at any Olympic games
Catriona LeMay Doan is the fastest woman on ice. After carrying the Canadian flag into the 2002 Olympic Winter Games opening ceremonies (her fourth Olympics), Catriona defended her Olympic title with...


Petitclerc, Chantal - Paralympic World Record Holder
Chantal was born on December 15, 1969 in Saint-Marc-des-Carrières in Quebec. At the age of thirteen, she lost the use of both legs in an accident. Gaston Jacques, a high school physical educati...


Sauvageau, Daniele - Head coach of The First Canadian Women's Hockey Team to Win Olympic Gold in 50 Years
In sports and as in business, the instinct to win is crucial. To lead a team to victory, you have to accept the challenges and work together under adverse conditions. Danièle Sauvageau knows a ...