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Adversity Speakers

Adversity speakers have come face to face with life altering situations and are able to share their vision, determination, patience, & courage to inspire their audience. Adversity speakers demonstrate how not to be consumed by thoughts of failure, pain, & suffering which will improve your performance next time around. The following are speaker profiles for adversity speakers who could be the answer for your speaker needs. Please remember if you don't find the adversity speakers you are searching for please contact us at 800-693-6665 for assistance.


Abbott, Jim - Motivational Speaker & One-handed famed professional baseball pitcher
Jim Abbott was a famed one handed major league baseball player, who overcame a birth defect of only one hand became an amazing pro pitcher and ball player. Through stories, anecdotes, jokes, some self...


Adams, Jeff - Two-time Olympian, Four-time Paralympian
Jeff Adams is a two-time Olympian, four-time Paralympian, six-time World Champion and prior World Record holder in the 1500m men's wheelchair event. For the past eight years, Jeff Adams has spoken ...


Adamson, Kate - Paralyzed but not Powerless, stroke survivor
Against one-in-a-million odds, Kate Adamson overcame total paralysis from a devastating double brainstem stroke. Locked inside her body, she communicated by blinking. Kate could think. And she could b...


Ben, David - Corporate Entertainer & Innovation Speaker
David Ben is unlike any magician you have seen before. He has a BA from the University of Toronto, a law degree from The London School of Economics, and as a former tax lawyer, he cannot help but thin...


Bernard, Cheryl - Canadian Olympic Curler
At the age of 23, Cheryl Bernard started an insurance brokerage and propelled the agency to six million dollars in sales in just eleven years. At the age of 43, she helped Canada win a silver medal in...


Brock, Joan - Inspirational Speaker on Courage, Perseverance & Acceptance
Joan Brock is an extraordinary woman, author and speaker! She has transformed adversity into challenge, and frustration into opportunity. When Joan Brock spoke at the Million Dollar Round Table, he...


Brown, Shelly-Ann - Silver Medal Olympian 2010 - Canadian Olympian Speaker
Shelley-Ann Brown is a native of Pickering, Ontario Canada. She has been a high level competitor in Track and Field for many years. As passionate about education as she is about sports, Shelley-Ann co...


Brudnicki, Larry - Performed two dramatic rescues during the Perfect Storm - Courage under Pressure
In Today’s Battle of Business, You Need a Commander To Lead You to Victory His experience as the real-life Captain of the Coast Guard ship that performed two dramatic rescues during the Perf...


Burrows, Scott - Equipping Leaders to Standup to their Challenges & Opportunities!
Early in Scott’s life he played wide receiver at Florida State University under coach Bobby Bowden and was a top-ranked kick-boxing champion having his last fight broadcast by ESPN. But on Novem...


Calvillo, Anthony - Canadian Football League Legend, leading passer in the game of professional football
Anthony Calvillo is a retired Canadian Football League quarterback, and all-time professional football passing yards leader and first in all-time CFL passing yards. In his career, he has passed for ov...

Michael Pinball-Clemons

Clemons, Michael Pinball - Former Canadian Football League Player and Toronto Argonaut Coach
Michael Pinball Clemons Born and raised in Florida, this William & Mary economics graduate began his career in the Canadian Football League in 1989, after a brief stint in the National Football...


Connor, Earle - 2000 and 2008 Paralympic Champion
Earle had his left leg amputated above the knee at just three months old. But he never shied away from sports, even when it might draw attention to his disability. When a neighbourhood friend signe...


Craig, Jim - Inspiration Driven Leaders & Sales Development
Since 1980, Jim Craig has been synonymous with Gold Medal success. Most people know him for his success on the ice in Lake Placid, but Jim’s success in the business world over the last 30+ years...


Crooks, Charmaine - Five Time Olympian
Charmaine Crooks, C.M., is a Member of the Order of Canada, a Five-Time Olympian, Olympic silver medalist and was the Flag Bearer at the Opening Ceremony of the 1996 Olympic Summer Games. She is Pr...


Eaton, Mark - Sure-fire Strategies to Get your Team into Action and Achieve Breakthrough Results
Start Playing a Bigger Game... Tens of thousands of people have had their lives transformed through hearing Mark Eaton's astounding story of triumph and record breaking success. Mark is a busines...


Ershler, Susan - Business Executive Reaching New Heights
Business Executive, Mt. Everest Climber, International Speaker and co-author of: TOGETHER ON TOP OF THE WORLD: The remarkable story of the first couple to climb the fabled Seven Summits. Susan Er...


Gardner, Rulon - Olympic Wrestler - Never Stop Pushing
A modern-day Paul Bunyan, Rulon Gardner grew up on his Mormon family's dairy farm, where unceasing chores helped him develop tremendous strength and stamina at an early age. He struggled in school d...


Godefroy, Rene - From Childhood Poverty to Motivational Speaker
Rene Godefroy has a passion for empowering others to excel and succeed. His personal story of struggle, grit and perseverance epitomize triumph and the American dream. Born in a tiny, isolated v...

Tim-Hague Sr

Hague Sr, Tim - Winner Of The Inaugral Season Of The Amazing Race
Tim Hague Sr. overcame the odds when he went from a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease to — just three years later — becoming the inaugural winner of CTV’s The Amazing Race Canad...


Haley, Andrew - Paralympic Swimmer and Cancer Survivor
Just like all of us, peak performance expert Andrew Haley has had his share of ups and downs. As a child Andrew had cancer twice and each time was given a 35% chance to survive. Even though he lost pa...


Hobson, Alan - Mt. Everest Climber, Summiteer & Two Time Cancer Survivor
Whether your organization wants to climb back from adversity or to greater heights of peak performance, Alan Hobson delivers. A two-time cancer survivor, world adventurer and bestselling author, Alan ...


Horvath, Greg - Ordinary person achieving extraordinary results against incredible odds.
It’s not who they are that make individuals or organizations great, it is what they have overcome! One of the most effective ways to have people understand and believe this is to expose them to ...


Huston, Todd - "WORLD RECORD - Leg amputee. Only disabled person to break a world record in sports - fastest time
Todd Huston WORLD RECORD - Leg amputee. Only disabled person to break a world record in sports - fastest time climbing High Points in each state. Teaches your audience what it takes to get to the t...


Kreek, Adam - Olympic Gold Medalist Rower, Social Entrepreneur and Expert in High Performance
Adam is someone who has done it and continues to do it. An Olympic Gold Medalist turned Adventurer, Adam is now a Social Entrepreneur in the trenches. An engineer by training, Adam Chairs the Board of...


Law, Alvin - Remarkable Motivational Speaker, Born Without Arms
Over 13,000 babies around the world were deformed in the early 1960's because of a morning sickness drug, Thalidomide. Alvin Law was born without arms after his birth mother, thinking it was completel...


MacDonald, Warren - Finding Opportunity in Adversity
In these challenging times, having a crisis management plan is essential to your survival. The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has made one thing perfectly clear: Preparation is key. As part of that pre...


Marek, Denise - Worry Management Expert
Denise Marek is a television personality and professional speaker. Known as the Worry Management Expert, she has helped thousands of individuals across North America — from Vancouver, British C...

Brad -Marsh

Marsh , Brad - Former NHLer and entrepreneur
Brad Marsh leads. And from the very beginning, people have recognized this strength. Drawing on his unique experiences as a Captain in the NHL, a business owner, an elite athlete, and an entrepren...


Miller, Shannon - Internationally Renowned Coach
Shannon Miller, the 2003 AHCA Coach of the Year, is internationally renowned coach, who led the University of Minnesota Duluth women's hockey team to three consecutive NCAA Championship titles (2001, ...


Mitchell-Halter, LuAn - One of the 40 Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World
From America to Australia and Madrid to Mexico, inspired audiences are leaping to their feet after hearing international motivational speaker LuAn Mitchell-Halter's message of genuine hope, unwavering...


Morris, Jim - Never Give Up On A Dream - The Inspiration for the Movie, “The Rookie.”
Jim “The Rookie” Morris’ inspirational and transformational message about following your dreams and having a game plan for success connects with audiences, young and old, male and fe...


Muenzer, Lori-Ann - Olympic Gold Medalist in Cycling at the age of 38
A race or journey to success is made up of a series of defining moments. Every moment and how Lori-Ann chose to use them allowed her vision of success to become her reality. How she handled the challe...


Mullen, Cary - Achieve Your Goals in Extreme Times
Today’s world economic climate has shifted from conditions that might be described as a gentle tail breeze on the bunny hill to what is now a head wind in an extreme sport that we didn’t s...


O'Dea, Frank - Founder of Second Cup
Frank O’Dea is a wonderful speaker who inspires and motivates his audiences wherever he speaks. His presentation is a highlight of any event. Whether it is his Hope Vision Action motivational ta...


Petitclerc, Chantal - Paralympic World Record Holder
Chantal was born on December 15, 1969 in Saint-Marc-des-Carrières in Quebec. At the age of thirteen, she lost the use of both legs in an accident. Gaston Jacques, a high school physical educati...


Plumb, Charlie - Former P.O.W. - seeing opportunities where others might see roadblocks.
Captain Charlie Plumb graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis and went on to fly the F-4 Phantom jet on 74 successful combat missions over North Vietnam. On his 75th mission, with only five days...


Ricker, Maelle - 2010 Olympic Champion
This is a Canadian sport story with a truly happy ending. Growing up among the mountains of West Vancouver and Whistler, Maëlle Ricker’s love of the outdoors developed at a young age. C...


Rosen, Paul - Paralympic Gold Medalist
Paul Rosen has a lightning-fast glove, cat-quick reflexes and a calm presence in the crease. He has everything an NHL goaltender has… except… his right leg. Paul Rosen was a promising...


Ruettiger, Rudy - It Starts With A Dream
Against all odds on a gridiron in South Bend, Indiana, Daniel Rudy Ruettiger in twenty seven seconds, carved his name into history books as perhaps the most famous graduate of the University of Notr...

Michelle -Salt

Salt, Michelle - Near fatal accident survivor and Canadian para-snowboard national team member
Michelle Salt is a motivating and inspiring individual. She is currently the only female on the national Canada para-snowboard team competing in SBX. June 27th, 2011,Michelle was in a near fatal motor...


Saunders, Kevin - Explosion survivor, went on to become a paralympic & world champion wheelchair athlete
If you've ever felt down and out, discouraged, beaten or broken, Kevin Saunders has been there. And if you're wondering how someone rises from those depths to become a champion, he's been there, too. ...


Sauvageau, Daniele - Head coach of The First Canadian Women's Hockey Team to Win Olympic Gold in 50 Years
In sports and as in business, the instinct to win is crucial. To lead a team to victory, you have to accept the challenges and work together under adverse conditions. Danièle Sauvageau knows a ...


Shewfelt, Kyle - 2004 Olympic Champion
During a training session at the 2007 World Championships in Stuttgart, Germany, Kyle suffered a devastating injury, breaking both of his legs just below the knees. Determined to contribute to his ...


Skreslet, Laurie - First Canadian To Summit Mt. Everest
Laurie joined the Canadian Everest Expedition in the spring of 1981. Separate from his role as climber was his responsibility for the selection, development and testing of equipment to be used. With t...


Smart, Elizabeth - Abducted & held prisoner for 9 grueling months, shows there really is life after a tragic event
The abduction of Elizabeth Smart was one of the most followed child abduction cases of our time. Elizabeth was abducted on June 5, 2002, and her captors controlled her by threatening to kill her and h...


Sostorics, Colleen - 3-time Olympic Gold Medalist – Hockey
Colleen grew up on a farm near the small community of Kennedy in SE Saskatchewan where she played on boys teams until graduating high school. She then moved to Calgary to pursue her hockey career whi...


Sweeney, Kevin - Decorated Combat Pilot, Expert On Performing Under Pressure
Successful Corporate Executive For more than a quarter of a century Kevin has been a successful Business Executive at an elite Fortune 50 Company. He has also been a Director at an industry leading s...


Taylor, Randy - Motivational & Business Leadership Speaker
Randy Taylor is an inspiration in the world of personal growth and leadership. Having escaped poverty, parent alcoholism and life on the streets, he was able to reach the very top in Canadian broadcas...


Trottier, Bryan - Hockey Hall of Fame
Bryan Trottier was a modern-day player with old-fashioned attributes. At a time when specialists were beginning to take over from the all-round player, Trottier was a throwback. He was a defensively s...


Vlooswyk, Lisa - Peak Performance Specialist DRIVE DETERMINES DISTANCE
Lisa is a passionate golfer, energetic speaker, and author whose enthusiasm is often referred to as contagious. Her nick name, “Lisa Longball”, is well deserved as she is a 7-Time Canadian...


Waddell, Chris - First Paraplegic to Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro - USA Paralympian
Chris Waddell was a promising young skier at Middlebury College in 1988 when a skiing accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Determined to get back on the slopes, he began skiing on a mon...


White, Danny - Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, Become the Leader You Were Meant to Be & Exceed Your Potential
Danny White was born February 9, 1952, in Mesa, Arizona and is a former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and now serves as the color analyst for the Compass Media national broadcast of all Dallas Co...


Wickenheiser, Hayley - Best Female Hockey Player in the World - Four-time Olympic medalist
Four-time Olympic medalist, Hayley Wickenheiser is regarded as one of the best female hockey players in the world with an uncompromised determination and dedication to her sport. However, it’s n...


Wilkins, Doon - Stumbling Toward Enlightenment
Doon’s personal mission is to uplift the spirits of those who serve others. He is a motivational speaker who has been presenting at educational conferences, professional days and workshops since...

Henry Gizmo-Williams

Williams, Henry Gizmo - From Poverty to Success on and off the Field. Surviving Life's Many Challenges
The football comes down out of the sky to the little man who waits, alone and vulnerable while a tidal wave of angry humanity flows toward him. In the world of games men play for pay, there may be no...


Williams, Montel - Inspirational Emmy Award winning television personality and advocate for patients worldwide, shortly after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1999
Montel Williams earned his media celebrity status as an inspirational Emmy Award winning television personality whom Americans invited into their homes for more than 17 years. He is a decorated former...


Wood, Sharon - First North American woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest
Mount Everest was a culmination of an odyssey that began at age twelve when her father took her up her first mountain. By the time she was seventeen she was devoting all her time to climbing. Laurie S...